Disappointed not to be drawn for a topical question on this in the Senedd today. The disruption caused to residents, commuters and local businesses has been substantial and unaccceptable. This is a matter of regional significance and the South Wales Trunk Road Agency’s mismanagement deserves to be held up for public scrutiny.


I have already sent the below letter to the Minister, Ken Skates, and today I met with him for a frank discussion where I informed him of:

1) The additional and unnecessary chaos caused to the residents of Rhigos by SWTRA’s inaccurate signage. There is no excuse for this not to be right.

2) Considerable delays caused to the process of clearing flood water by SWTRA claiming they were ‘unable’ to hire the correct pumps from their supplier. RCT Council when questioning the delay then finding they could easily source the pumps themselves from a different supplier. SWTRA should have access to a range of suppliers in order to access all necessary equipment.


A week ago today RCT Council took the unprecedented step of issuing legal notice on SWTRA for not maintaining this major highway. I will continue to work closely with Cllr Graham Thomas (Rhigos and Penderyn) and Cllr Andrew Morgan (Leader, RCT Council) to do all we can to support those affected and to hold SWTRA to account for any failures. Moving forward, I will be monitoring closely the work of SWTRA, RCT Council and NRW to investigate the causes of these floods and ensure appropriate remedial work is carried out to safeguard the community in the long term.