Cynon AM gets Welsh Government commitment that buses are at heart of Metro plans

Local AM Vikki Howells has secured a firm commitment from Welsh Government that bus services remain critical to achieving the enhanced public transport opportunities offered by the South Wales Metro project.

The Cynon Valley Assembly Member, speaking in the Senedd, noted that the South Wales Metro was conceived as an integrated transport solution.

However, the geographical realities of the Valleys often means that it is the most impoverished communities who are furthest away from the train links on the Valley floor.

Vikki Howells AM asked:-

“For these communities to benefit from better access to the jobs market, it is crucial that they’re served by strong bus links that feed into those train services.

“What reassurances can the Welsh Government give that those bus links remain at the heart of the Metro vision?”

In response, First Minister Carwyn Jones AM said:-

“Now that we have responsibility and control over the bus services in Wales, there’s the opportunity to create that integrated bus, light rail and train system that we’ve wanted to see for a long times in Wales.

“The Cynon Valley AM is right to say that there are many cross-Valleys routes, for example, that are not being served by rail, but are important in terms of what they deliver through bus services.

“Now, we can start looking from phases 2 and 3 and beyond, at a properly integrated public transport system for the whole of Wales, and these are exciting times.”