Cynon AM welcomes consultation launch on ending physical punishment of children

Vikki Howells, AM for Cynon Valley, has welcomed the launching of a Welsh Labour Government consultation on proposals to remove the defence of reasonable punishment in Wales.

The 12 week consultation was launched today – part of a much wider package of measures the Welsh Government is taking to support children to have the best start in life, and to support their parents to do the best job they can.

The proposed legislation would not involve the creation of a new offence. It would instead remove a defence to the existing offences of assault and battery. It would mean any adult looking after a child would no longer be able to use physical or corporal punishment against them. 

Vikki Howells said:

“These proposals are about giving parents the support to help them raise healthy and happy children.”

“Times have changed. Many fewer parents now use physical punishment and there is growing recognition that there are much more effective alternatives.”

“I am proud of the Welsh Labour Government’s record of working to ensure children have the best start in life and of promoting children’s rights.”

“The law currently states that you cannot hit another adult or even your pet, and I believe it is only right in a modern and progressive society that children are afforded the same legal protections.”

“There will be different views on this legislation but this is a great chance to take part in the consultation and I would urge residents in the Cynon Valley to have their say to help try to address concerns as the legislation develops.”

You can take part in the consultation here

The Welsh Government, have recently  invested significantly in parenting programmes across Wales and in information campaigns such as ‘Parenting: Give it Time’ to support parents to be the best they can be.