Vikki Howells AM has appealed to her constituents in the Cynon Valley to help make Wales the global leader in recycling after new figures revealed that the country is now the third best in the world at recycling. 

A new report shows that Wales is making impressive progress in increasing the amount it recycles as a nation. The figures put Wales in third place in the world recycling rates, following closely behind the leaders Germany and Taiwan, and second in Europe behind Germany, well ahead of the other UK nations. Recycling figures for Rhondda Cynon Taff Council show that the target of 64% for 2019/20 has already been achieved, with the current performance for this year at 64.95%.

Vikki Howells AM said:

“These figures from RCT and the news that Wales is now the third best recycling nation in the world is a tribute to the action of householders and councils in areas like Cynon Valley, who are helping to make the Welsh Labour Government’s ambitious recycling targets a reality.

“Wales’ position as a world leader in recycling is something we can all be proud of. Figures show that we are now recycling double the amount of waste we recycled a decade ago, with an impressive rate of 62% according to the most recent statistics. This is good news for our local environment, with significantly less waste going to landfill.

“However, there is a great deal more that we can all do to boost these rates further. That is why the Welsh Labour Government wants Wales to become the highest recycling nation with a zero waste approach.

“We can all do our bit in making Wales the global leader in recycling. Small measures like recycling more of our food waste can make a huge difference to our environment and will see Wales’s recycling performance go from strength to strength.

“A range of useful tips and further information about recycling can be found at www.recycleforwales.org.uk


NOTES: The Eunomia report can be found at: http://resource.co/sites/default/files/World%20Recycling%20League%20-%20Full%20Report%20-%20FINAL.pdf