Visit to first class fire training facility

At the invitation of the Deputy Chair of South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority, Cllr Steve Bradwick, I visited the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service’s state-of-the-art training facility in Cardiff Gate.

I undertook this visit to enhance my understanding of the service’s organization and varied operational roles. The knowledge gained will help me to make informed contributions to future debates on this key service.

I met with senior members of staff, including Chief Fire Officer Huw Jakeway, who told me about the complexity of risk presented by the diverse range of communities the service covers. I was told about how the service has invested in facilities, and how it meets the economic challenges in a difficult situation where budgets have not increased in real terms.

Officers put on displays showing the range of interventions the service makes to safeguard local people, going beyond their statutory responsibilities and tackling fires. Indeed, whilst the numbers of fires needing attendance had decreased in recent years, other problems were increasing.